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Built by well drillers for well drillers
Mudslayer Manufacturing designs and manufactures portable mud management (shale shaking) machines for water well drilling companies.
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The equipment that we make is a portable mud cleaning, recycling and environmental protection system and is the ultimate in cost effective portable mud management and solids management systems.

"I have been in the well drilling industry all of my life. All of the elements of this mud system have been proven in the field. The bottom line is that we drillers need to have the right equipment to make the money that we deserve. The MudSlayer will help you make more money."
Jim LaPorte

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Our unique dual screening system is dollar for dollar the best one on the market. The performance of post tension screens at standard screen prices. Our self cleaning tank design eliminates the manual shoveling, stirring and constant baby sitting of the pit. The Caterpillar power plant is quite, reliable and economical.